Mama's Day

My children are still to young to understand Mother's Day. They don't know it's a day to thank mama for all her hard work, to be on their best behavior and to bring her flowers and plant sloppy kisses on her cheek. That's okay.
I find their praise for me in their laughter, their random hugs and their unexpected I love you, mama's.  I find their thank you's in the moments they run to me with skinned knees or a bumped head, the snuggles they initiate and wide, toothy smiles upon my return, little arms thrown around my neck.

I don't need flowers or breakfast in bed. I don't need cards or jewelry. I don't need these things to feel their thank you's, to feel their love.

Last year I wrote about feeling grateful. It stands true today. I am grateful for this journey, each new day and all the ups and downs that come with it.

I hope you are spending time with those you love today. Happy Mama's Day!