Let Them See You

Let your children see you:
  1. Read
  2. Help someone in need
  3. Ask for help
  4. Be frustrated and recover
  5. Eat healthy foods
  6. Be polite
  7. Cry
  8. Hug/kiss your spouse
  9. Exercise
  10. Brush and floss your teeth
  11. Wash your hands after you use the restroom
  12. Go to the doctor
  13. Go to the dentist
  14. Get your haircut
  15. Trim your nails
  16. Pray
  17. Smile
  18. Cook
  19. Give (time, money, donations)
  20. Exercise self control (in food and money matters)
  21. Apologize 
  22. Make a new friend
  23. Make something with your hands
  24. Complement someone
  25. Drink water
  26. Make mistakes
  27. Write....by hand
  28. Admit when you are wrong
  29. Forgive someone
  30. Laugh
  31. Have fun
  32. Be happy with your appearance
  33. Keep promises
  34. Keep calm in traffic
  35. Be patient on a hectic day
  36. Calm yourself when you are overwhelmed
  37. Try something new
  38. Be aware of your water usage
  39. Recycle
  40. Turn lights off as you leave a room
  41. Work
  42. Be proud of your work/creations
  43. Be adventurous
  44. Listen
  45. Try, try again
  46. Do what someone has asked of you
  47. Unplug
  48. Be creative
  49. Introduce yourself
  50. Read
Our kids learn from us. They watch us and listen to us even when we think they aren't. Everything we do helps build their foundation, their character.

Let them observe you. I talk to myself: "I'm so upset right now, I just need to breathe and I'll calm down." Then I breathe in and out. "I love vegetables, they help me to have energy to play!" Consistently talking through the moment, not to them, but to yourself allows them to hear your thoughts. They will start to pick up on what your thinking and why you are doing something.

We tend to do some of the things our parents did when we were growing up. Let's be a good role model for our kids so the things they take from us are positive.

Start early, start now.

What else can we add to this list?


  1. Drive safely. (Obey signals, speed limits, lanes; pull over to let emergency vehicles pass, etc.)

    Wash hands before eating.

    Throw away food that's dropped on the floor/dirt.

    Make messes & clean them up.

    Put things away when you're done with them.

    Look both ways, then cross only when safe, or else look again.

    Play outside.

    1. Hand washing and throwing away dropped food would make your list? You must be a blast as a parent...

    2. Control your anger

    3. Janine, not everything in parenting is a blast. Some things are just plain necessary.

  2. More...

    Have fun even when you lose the game.

    Be a gracious winner.

    Get dressed. (Mine loves helping with my belt.)

    Wash, dry, and put away laundry.

    (This could go on forever.)

    1. Of course! I should have made it "100 things to let your kids see you do"

    2. Argue with honesty and respect.
      Take personal time.
      Have a relaxing bath or nap or meditation.
      I think this was said - apologize.

  3. How about being a gracious loser too.

  4. Vote! Take them with you.

    Take them to the cemetary and let them help you decorate the graves for Memorial Day. Lots of questions come of out that one!

  5. Thank a veteran for his/her service!


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