5 Must-Read Kid Books

We go to the library each week and come home with arm loads of books. It's one of my toddler's favorite things to do. He'll surround himself with his new library books and look through each of them over and over. We'll sit in his reading corner and read through each everyday and a few before bed. He'll take some books to bed and flip through them before drifting off to sleep. I love that he loves books.
I've been home with my tots for 6 months now and, with a weekly trip to the library, I've read a lot of kid books.  Some are fun, some are silly, some are annoying and some I just don't get. There are a few, though, that are just downright awesome. Take a look:

1. Hug Time 

2. Only One You

3. Thank You Bear

4. Love is You and Me

5. Calm Down Time

It's funny. These are kid books. Books for tots. Yet, I feel they provide valuable lessons and ideas to everyone. Even me.

Search for these on your next library trip.

What kid books have you enjoyed?