Lose the Baby Fat: The Journey Begins

Okay, so I just had a baby and I'm looking to lose the baby weight. I thought it would be fun and informative to track my progress and experience on my path back to a healthy, pre-pregnancy body. So consider this "entry 1" in my "Lose the Baby Fat" journal.

Here we go!
About me and my habits: As of April 20th I was 133 pounds, 13 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I snack if there is food around. I love food. I love sweets. I am a nervous eater. I eat when I'm bored. I love to workout when there is time for it. I love to be active. I have a sit down job. I am a nursing mama.

The goal: to lose 13 pounds, get better eating habits and have energy.

The Special K Challenge Experience: I'm going back to work next week so I did the 2 week Special K Challenge to try and lose as much as I could before returning to my sit-down job and a jam packed schedule that allows for little time to exercise.

Oh. Dear. I know diets aren't easy but this was brutal. Basically you replace 2 meals a day with either the cereal, the protein bars or the protein shakes. You are allowed 2 snacks (the special k snacks) a day and all the fruits and veggies you want. Oy. I did really well the first week but then I started breaking down and feeling hungry all the time. I didn't have enough energy to workout and I felt shaky. I would get so hungry I'd head to the pantry/fridge and throw whatever I could in my mouth. Then I wouldn't feel good. It's no wonder it's only a 2 week plan.

On top of that, the shakes weren't very good. I had to force myself to drink the strawberry and the french vanilla ones. The chocolate one was tolerable though. The snacks were okay. The double chocolate protein bars were tasty. The cereal was yummy. The bars and shakes were really expensive, too.

My pants fit a little better but I think there is a better way to get results. I felt deprived and moody from the constant hunger. I wouldn't recommend it for more than a week!

Next on the agenda: ViSalus Shakes


  1. Good luck! I lost 50lbs then holidays hit and gained 25 back lol. Stupid thanksgiving and christmas hah.

  2. Good luck on you weight loss journey! I have recently went back to Weight Watchers and though all kinds of other diets I have thought WW to be the best. Their motto is, "It's not a diet but a lifestyle change." You don't have to deprive yourself of anything! Before I got pregnant this last time I was on it and had lost 60 lbs! But during that pregnancy I gained 30 of it back :( and now I am back to it. It's hard but worth doing right!


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